"This is A...Rip-off?"

Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover has been accused of stealing  "This Is America" from Jase Harley 

who says he's "extremely humbled" to have possibly inspired Gambino's track. 


Jase Harley released a song called "American Pharaoh" in 2016 that's pretty darn close on sound and the 

over-all message of "This is America". People are accusing Gambino of ripping-off  Harley while others 

have just seen it as inspiration!

Harley took to Instagram on Monday saying the fuss shouldn't "dilute the message me and 

@childishgambino are trying to convey ... about injustices we've encountered."

He also said Gambino had a bigger platform to convey the message and that shouldn't go unnoticed, but 

the focus should be on "affecting change in our communities and building equality."


Since the debut of  "This Is America" it sky-rocketed to certified platinum and the music video has racked 

up almost 300 million views on YouTube!

Fam Rothstein, (Gambino's manager) also sounded off at the haters Monday, saying "This Is America" 

 dates back to three years ago, and has the Pro Tools proof. Then he added, "But f*** you and your 

moms, and your future fetuses." Oh wow... 


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