Photo: KVEO NBC 23 Alfredo Cuadros

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, Jr. is asking for the public’s help in getting correct information to residents in flood-stricken areas. Phone calls have been received by Cameron County Emergency Management, inquiring about the cleaning process and when this should begin. Residents want to know if the initiation of these efforts will have an affect on receiving federal assistance if a federal disaster is declared.In response to these inquires, Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, Jr. has provided the following guidance:

1. Take pictures of any and all damage to your residence (inside & out); this should include any structures on your land. Document all dates and times of photographs.

2. Initiate clean up only after all pictures & documentation are in place.

3. Save copies of receipts incurred for expenses made for clean-up.

4. To help avoid injuries and illeness, please avoid flooded waters and take standard sanitary precautions and use appropriate insect repellant that contains DEET.

5. Drain all standing water and empty water from outdoor items such as old tires, cans, and flower pot bases.

The county will be setting up a phone bank on Monday, June 25, 2018 starting at 9 am to help answer any question our citizens may have regarding this storm. Phone numbers will be made public Monday morning once they are operational and will be shared through the news media and our social media pages.

In the meantime if there is an emergency, please call 911, and for any non-emergencies call, please call 956.547.7000.

Finally, Judge Treviño added, “My prayers are with all of the families that have suffered any damage from these torrential rains. We are doing everything in our power to help eliminate the water that is still standing. We are coordinating efforts to help our county receive assistance for those residents that have suffered loss. We ask for your patience, and may God bless our people of the Rio Grande Valley and Cameron County”.


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