Guess who's got a PODCAST now!!!


"Fitness, food, celebrity gossip, life-hacks, and some pretty bad advice from relationships to mother-hood!"

Celebrating Autism ft. My little brother Christian and The Donut Fix Lady!

April is Autism Awareness month and to celebrate, I invite my little brother and my mom to talk about Autism from the struggles to the most beautiful parts!

Tea Time: Khloe Katches ANOTHER "L"

Today's tea is over-flowing with Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal! Should Khloe stay? Listen to La Reina and La Diva talking cheating and relationships post-scandal!

me vale crealtions

Follow Your Dreams ft. Sarah Lee "Me Vale Creations"

Believe in yourself and follow your passion. Listen to what Sarah Lee has to say about her journey!

Motivational Monday: Pick up a book

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there. Here's one way to build yourself up and propel you in the right direction! Meet those goals, be that BOSS!

rotary phone

Hot Mess Help Desk ft. La Diva

Ask La Reina with a little help from La Diva, we got all the advice you need boo! Today we take on Gabby's flirty friend and Veronica's awkward family affair!  Need some advice? Email me a video or voice memo to

Tea Time: Crazy Ex's ft. My baby daddy

Rosa Rosa Rosa! Ex's can be crazy..but this crazy? Why not call my crazy ex? What can possibly go wrong?

Family Time: My kid farted at a restaurant!

Let's talk about kids being kids and parents just trying to keep it together!

Tea Time: Tamar Braxton & pleasing your man

Tamar Braxton talks about changing your appearance & being your man's fantasy, see what I have to say about that!

Tea Time: Cardi B & Knowing your worth ft. DJ Villa

Cardi B's new album is like an open diary for women who have been cheated on or felt unappreciated at times but she still keeps it G by reminding them to BOSS UP. 


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