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The Nervo sisters have been writing music since they were 16 years old, and over the past few years have taken the dance music industry by storm. The girls have played at all the major festivals and clubs, and have released some big tunes - which were supported by some of the world's biggest DJs. Not to mention they are now easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRLS! Liv and Mim continue to thrive in dance music with their unique and awesome sense of style.

We caught up with the girls before their set on the main stage at TomorrowWorld where they talked about their new single "Not Taking This No More," writing songs for some of the biggest pop artists, what they're working on now, and ... nail polish! Check it out below:

Are you excited to be playing on the main stage at TomorrowWorld?

Yes. We are, a bit nervous. Yeah, we’ve just been going through our set and we are going to be playing a few records that are not really finished yet. But we wanna test them out and what better place to test them out than here.

How do you think that TomorrowWorld compares to Tomorrowland?

They feel like they're related. They feel like brothers and sisters.  It feels like this is the little sister. It’s slightly smaller scale, well it’s quite a bit smaller. TomorrolLand is just huge, like you just get lost. But the vibe is here. It’s got a hippie vibe to it, like an Alice in Wonderland kind of escape vibe. And I love the fields, and you see the water down there. That’s how it feels like in Belgium, so it’s great. They’ve done really well. And the weather’s perfect, which is often not the case for Tomorrowland.

You just released your new single "Not Taking This No More" with Ivan Gough and Beverley Knight. Tell us about the song?

We wanted to do a record that had a soul vocalist in it. We did one a while ago with Norman Doray called "Something to Believe In," but we grew up on like that old school house, soulful house. And we also loved to listen to a lot of deep house as well, which still features a lot of soul vocals. These days, in kind of the more big room mainstream house, you don’t really hear so much of it. So we wanted to pay homage to that vocal sound but with more of a fresh track. Like a bigger … like a banging main room track. So that’s what we tried to do.

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You've penned songs for artists like Ke$ha, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger. How did you guys get into writing for those artists?

We’ve always been writers we’ve been writing music now, well since we were 16. So, we just got an opportunity with meeting their A&R [and] they'd be like, “Hey girls, do you have anything for these people?” And we’d work something out in the studio, and next thing they know they’d be recording it. And then when a few artists started picking up our songs, and we had a bit of success with other artists, then we were given a record deal, and now we get to finally release records as Nervo, which is super exciting.

You girls sang on the Tomorrowland anthem from a few years ago. Do you plan to use your own vocals more?

I think that was the first ever record we recorded on. Like we had our vocals as final master. "We’re All No One" as well, it was right back at the same time. The thing is, is we always sing our demos, like if we’re ever doing top lines, the melody and lyrics. Because it’s easier than hiring in a vocalist. So we often just put ideas down and in both these cases, "We Are All No One" and "The Way We See the World," we couldn’t find anyone to do the vocal for us in time. I remember having a massive fight with Nick (Afrojack), and Dimi and Mike, and they were like, “Guys we are keeping your vocals,” and we’re like, “No, take us off, we don’t wanna be on it,” and now we are so happy we did because people really responded well to it. We gotta be careful now, because now we’re recording so many of our own vocals on our own tracks, that our sets are becoming very - our vocal-heavy, which we don’t really want. So now we’ve swung the other way. Now we are looking for other people to feature.

Is there anyone that you want to work with?

There are so many, loads that we want to work with. I’d love to work with Imogen Heap. I just think she’s such an incredibly talented artist and vocalist. We’ve done a record with Sneaky Sound System, they are some friends of ours in Australia. Again, that’s a soulful vocal, isn’t it? We really love Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. We kind of like interesting sounding vocals, all the big soul vocals. We are suckers for a big soul vocal.

You've had a busy, 2013. You released a ton of tracks, and you’re at all these big festivals and clubs, Ibiza, everywhere! And you ladies are COVERGIRLS. What is being a COVERGIRL like?

We’ve had a crazy ride, you know. 2013 has been so great to us and becoming COVERGIRLS was a big thing for us. Something, we can die happy, we can tell people on our deathbeds, tell our grandkids “We were COVERGIRLS, yay!” So yeah, we are just really enjoying the ride. We love what we do, we love that electronic music is getting so much attention around the world, so we’re just gonna keep going with it for as long as it lasts, you know.

What was it like seeing your own commercial on TV?

Crazy! And when I did the Grammy slot, that was crazy because we had so many friends in America who were watching the Grammys and were actually at the Grammys. Our phones were just being blown up with, “Oh, my God, I just saw your ad.” We know that feeling because often we’ll work with artists like Ke$ha or Kylie or David and we’ll see them on TV and we'll text them! We get like a little buzz. You’re like, “Oh my God, I just saw you on TV.” So it’s cute when it’s the other way around.

You always have great manicures, with really cool designs and colors. If you guys had your own nail polish, what color would it be and what would you name it?

We’d have to call it Nervo I think, just for consistency. There are too many colors. I’m greedy, I would want a few colors. I know you’d wanna bedazzle it a bit. Like more is more! (laughter) We’d probably have to texturize it with something. I really like dark colors so maybe like a black base or a navy blue glossy base with gold. Or black metallic pink. Like little stars even, that just like solidify in the nail polish. That would be cool. It would be cool to get some TomorrowWorld nail art, like put little mushrooms on your nail, and the butterflies, and lollipops. 

Are you working on an album?

We are constantly putting little ideas together on the road, but we are taking off a bit of time in November to knuckle down and hopefully finish some of the final mixes. We need to pick which records are gonna make the album, and then finish them. So yeah, it’s coming along nicely. It’s just about stopping, and being in the studio. I think the first single for the album should be around WMC, next year. So March, because we have three more releases coming that we know until then.

What can you tell us about those?

Do you know what, we have a little bit of a rule; we don’t speak until it’s totally done because you don’t want to ever jinx it. But there are some beautiful artists that we really respect and adore, that are featuring on this so far.

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